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Cry Havoc is Looking for Active Daily Players!! Open Enrollment

ÅnubisÅnubis ✭✭
edited November 2019 in Fleet Central

We are currently looking for new members. We are a growing fleet and have a friendly group of players. Discord available but not mandatory. All VIP levels welcome, no obligation to spend money, no need to enter every event, need time off Holidays or other commitments just let me know, so if you want an Active Chilled Fleet then this is the fleet for you.

All we ask of our members is the following

*Contribute to the fleet as much as you can.

*Donate to the fleet recommended rooms in our Star base (lvl 98).99 100 101

*Treat other fleet members respectfully.

If you’re Captain Level 50 & Above please feel free to join, Open Enrolment.

Founder of Cry Ha\/oc


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