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Windows 10 app not working

seems not to be working once in the game, I get stuck on "Hailing Starfleet" no matter what I press - any ideas ?
works fine via Steam ..


  • There is currently an issue when trying to access mail on the windows 10 app but I was able to interact with other parts of the game.

    You say that for you nothing works at all?
  • no , not via windows app, no - game opens but when you click on anything you get stuck on "Hailing Starfleet" - Steam seems to be ok so have gone back to using that for the meantime.
  • Currently I do not see other reports of this. We will keep an eye out though.
  • seems to be okay this evening, weird. thanks though !
  • Well, I am glad this is resolved for you :) Thank you for letting us know!
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