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[TG] Temporal Guards, Max Starbase

Hi Everyone.
We currently have 2 spots open.

We have a fully loaded Starbase, an active Discord channel and some great people.
We are looking for Daily players, over level 40.

Our fleet was started over two years ago and has grown into an awesome team. We like to have fun and joke around. We have assigned squads, that we switch up every month so that people have a chance to interact in different ways. We don't have a minimum event rank or anything like that...but event participation is a requierment.
No Drama, no BS, no bullies.
We like to get together, enjoy the game, enjoy each other company, talk about Star Trek and we know that real life comes first.
You can

You can find me in game as [TG] Charles or DBID 835442458271744



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    edited October 2019
    Temporal Guards is a great fleet. I joined almost two years ago and I love it! Very active on Discord. Always ready with advice on behold picks, event strategy, crew evaluations, you name it. This fleet is fun and knows its Star Trek. If you're looking for an active fleet that chats a lot, knows that life always comes first, does its dailies and has a good mix of great players, come check us out!
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    TG is an awesome fleet who has not forced me to write this message. We have an active discord and a lot of fun with people who do not hold your family hostage. The team is always ready to help you out with advice and there are many guides available to help you (help me).
    We are looking for daily players who participate in meeting the starbase dailies and no one is pushed to rank on events, but failure to do so might result in the loss of one of your fingers.
    There is no fleet drama or bullying, only 'enhanced fleet administration techniques'.

    Join TG, the fleet of tomorrow, today!
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    Charles Charles ✭✭
    edited November 2019
    Hey everyone. If you are looking for an active fleet. Please reach out to me. In-game name is [TG] Charles Recruiting.
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