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[TLA] The Liberal Alliance: Recruiting Captain lvl 50+

[TLA] Chancellor[TLA] Chancellor ✭✭✭
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[TLA] The Liberal Alliance - Recruiting


[TLA] is recruiting for one Captain lvl 50+ to join a top ranking Fleet!

2 Fleets working together with Starbases LVL 134:
+10% All Core Skills
+10% Proficiency Min
+10% Proficiency Max
+50 Max Chrons
+3 Replications
-10% Replicator Cost reduction

More information about us and our activities is available:
The TLA Trans Warp Hub

Are you looking for a Fleet that takes the Game beyond TimeLines?
Are you interested in a Fleet with a Healthy Chat? Active Support? And In-Fleet Events to keep people interested? Then you have found your spot!

Please send a Forum Pm or contact me on Line App Chat (Line ID chancellormr)


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