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Active Nation - Recruiting Citizens

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What is the Active Nation? An alliance of active players, looking for a few more to fill out our ranks.

We do ask that you are an active STT player and commit to enjoying the game in the long run. We understand that life sometimes presents more important priorities than a mobile game; we have a flexible policy of only requiring logins once a week and we can allow for long absences provided you communicate your plans.

Our Starbase is only level 112, so there are oppurtunities for investment and cooperation!

Our chat style is friendly and supportive. It is neither a ghost town, nor is it so chatty that you can't keep track the conversation. And we have a discord channel now if you are into that.

It doesn't matter if you are a veteran or a new player, you are welcome. Search for us in the game and join today. Mention this ad for 50% off on gagh in our mess hall.


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    This is a most welcoming and helpful fleet. If you are looking for a home, you’d do well to check us out!
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