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Cargo bay 4 (CB4) Level 129 Starbase has 9 cabins available

ST_DreadnoughtST_Dreadnought ✭✭✭
edited December 2019 in Fleet Central
We are looking for daily players who can complete the daily participation targets and who take part in the weekly events. Our minimum requirement is Captain level 20, no more than 3 days away from the game without prior notice to an Officer or our Admiral. If you can donate 700 Starbase components daily that would be greatly appreciated. Donate Holoemitters 1st, then Tritanium, 3rd Clear Aluminium and finally Nanopolymers to add up to the 700 units.

It is an open fleet the chat is there but you can stay quiet as long as your completing our requirements above. Thanks for reading and I hope you give us your support.

Regards V'ger
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