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Another 5* Behold decision

I pulled another 5* behold, see image, suggestions and experience of ownership would be good,
I’ll try and do some investigation myself.
Thanks in advance.


  • Data is a fairly common event crew and is one of a very small handful of characters who can tackle a node on Celestial Temple - Rabid Fans. I currently have one I'm leveling to tackle that node, but I've also found him useful in the current event.

    I have Commander Troi at 2/5*, and she is essentially useless at that level of fusion. I think I send her on voyages with MED as one of the gold/silver, but I've had her for quite some time and never do anything with her.

    I have no experience with Kang.
  • If you need diplomacy for shuttles, Kang is pretty awesome right out of the gate. But he's only a two skill crew which isn't ideal for voyages.

    Troi is a fringe gauntlet crew; if she hits a trait or two might be useful. Both Data and Troi are good in voyages; just depends if you want more medical (and in my experience, you can never have enough).
  • PhdPhd ✭✭✭
    I’m lacking in ENG in 5*, so I was leaning towards data, but behold comparison says he is insane to level?
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    IMO opinion Detective Data.

    2nd choice Kang.

    But pick who you like, it's your crew. :)
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    Phd wrote: »
    I’m lacking in ENG in 5*, so I was leaning towards data, but behold comparison says he is insane to level?

    Detective Data is a nightmare mostly because he needs tons of 2* sec codes and basic holoprograms. Unless you have a stockpile of those, I wouldn't plan on leveling him up quickly. He's taking me longer than anyone else has for a while, but I think he'll be worth it, and I'll be very relieved when he's done.
  • Phd wrote: »
    I’m lacking in ENG in 5*, so I was leaning towards data

    Also note that Detective Data is SEC primary. His ENG isn't anything exciting.
  • Jim SteeleJim Steele ✭✭✭✭✭
    I would take Detecvive Data, Just for Rabid Fans. Also Data is recurring event crew so will likely have more mileage than Troi or Kang
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  • it may say insane.. but that just means you pick when you use your replicator to get the "hard to build" items... he is worth it... often in event crew.
  • JhamelJhamel ✭✭✭✭✭
    Both Troi and Data are very valuable in the standard missions as they can crit several nodes on Epic difficulty which almost no other crew members can (Rabid Fans - Detective Data and Tummy Dixon only for example). Kang I don't know yet.
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  • Kang...when ff and fe has an over 1000 sec and dip base last i checked. I already have him 1/5 but if i got this behold id take data because i have been chasing him for months.
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    Over 1,200 dip base and over 1,000 sec base plus not to bad pros...at 5/5 stars
  • PhdPhd ✭✭✭
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    Thanks everyone, had to make decision fairly quick, and I went for Data in the end. Even though ENG is not primary, I think it will help, it’s an area I’ve been lacking. Got plenty of high DIPs already. Got loads of replicator rations if needed for hard equipment.
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