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Maryland Fleet is looking for new recruits.

Well its the weekend and we in the MARYLAND FLEET are looking for active players.

The formal bit:
*Be at level 10+ please.
*We don't at this time have any offline chat, just the in-game chat but all chatting is welcome, even sharing of recipes! (Chocolate based ones of course)
*We would like donations to the star-base It helps all players in leveling up their character.
*If you have just started playing and only have the name "Captain" can you either add something to it or even have a brilliant new one, there do seem to be thousands of "captains" and its difficult to differentiate between them.

Whats in it for you?
Well I for one like to help others and there is always something that someone else knows and its always great to share info.
As the fleet rises in rank then you get bigger and better bonuses.
There is absolutely no obligation on you to spend actual cash!
There is no need to feel pressured to attain event ranking, you should play as you will.

Just message me here or find the MARYLAND FLEET in the game
The Maryland Fleet need YOU, come and join us!
We are rushing headlong into the abyss...................but we will have a blast whilst doing it,
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