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German 5618 is recruiting international members!

edited December 2019 in Fleet Central
German 5618 is recruiting active captains Level 60+.

German 5618 is an international top 15 event fleet with starbase level 134 and an active multilingual Discord server. The majority of the fleet members is based in Germany but the fleet also has international members from USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, Austria or Switzerland.

The fleet’s best event rank was rank 1 in "Fast as Light 2".
For more information about the fleet and our requirements, visit our STT Wiki page.
If you want to be part of German 5618, join our recruiting server on Discord(https://discord.gg/nGtHtk) or contact Admiral [G5618] The Notorious B.O.P. or Vice Admiral [G5618] Lutz Ifer.

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