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High Roller Sisko doesn't have the "costumed" trait.

DimeDrlDimeDrl ✭✭✭
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Just assigned Higher Roller Sisko to a "Costumed" seat on a voyage and realized he wasn't getting a bonus. That Sisko variant is from the episode where the crew has to take back Vic Fontaine's casino from the mob.

High Roller Sisko is costumed as a gambler in the 1900's. There was even an entire section of the episode about Sisko not wanting to go to Vic's holoprogran because it didn't address the racism of the era. It was a pretty big part of the episode that he put on the era specific costume to take part in the heist.


  • DavideBooksDavideBooks ✭✭✭✭✭
    I think he first said he wasn't going to be part of it, but later showed up just at the right time. Everyone else was already costumed, but he hadn't been part of that planning. My theory is that Sisko just pulled something from his closet rather than getting a costume. He may have had it. After, all, he looks good in anything.
  • DimeDrlDimeDrl ✭✭✭
    Still a costume though.
  • There are many cards that do not have all of the traits that they should. In fact, every character card from that ep should have costumed and undercover op. Totally agreed.
    However i suspect if DB gave every card all of the traits they should have, it would cut down on the cards needed and possibly keep players from seeking cards with particular traits.
    There have been many comments in many threads about “missing traits”. They finally just added the pilot trait to cadet crusher after a very long time of requesting it, for example.
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