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Level 99 experienced player looking for a new fleet

 Bri Bri ✭✭✭✭
edited January 2020 in Fleet Central

Hi there. After being admiral of a top 25 fleet for a long time, I fancy having a wander and would like to find a new fleet in which to call home. I’ve never missed a single donation in the two years I’ve been playing, know the game inside out and love Star Trek.

I would prefer one of the top fleets, and I would prefer LINE as the primary means of communication because that’s what I’ve always used. Feel free to message me here or in the game by the the same name 🖖🏻


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    You would be welcome to join Mariners. We are not a top 100 fleet, but for most events we are in the top 200. We don't use anything but in game chat. If you are interested, membership is open come take a look.
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