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Event tickets don‘t stack up / are gone

Hi everyone!

Sorry just in case I missed it somewhere else:
I wanted to be super clever and wait until the last day of the event to cash in the rewards, meaning I should have gotten 5 extra event tickets. I only got 2 of them.
I had consumed every ticket for today. Cashed in the rewards - so 3 tickets are missing.
Can someone help, please?

Thanks in advance!


  • Paladin 27Paladin 27 ✭✭✭✭✭
    What is the exact timing of when you claimed the tickets and what you wound up with?

    The tickets top up to 3 at midnight eastern (when cadet tickets refill) rather than at dabo time, so maybe that is the cause.
  • Thanks for your answer.
    Unfortunatelly this is not the case. I‘m playing in Europe so the timer resets around 6 am. That‘s when I used my new three tickets and after that I cashed in the rewards ending up with three missing tickets after only two of five were added to my counter.
    (Which is quite sad because I’m stuck at rank 1700something :( )
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