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Sound Byte additions that are incorrect

It's great that we got new art for Blood Oath Jadzia, but someone mistakenly added the 1701 Jadzia sound byte on the Blood Oath Jadzia card, where it doesn't make sense. I understand if that's the only sound byte, but it belongs to only one character - 1701 Jadzia. I checked all the other version of Jadzia Dax, and the new version of Blood Oath Jadzia is the only one that is affected.

Annika Hansen Seven. The problem here is much different. All the other Sevens can have pretty much the same sound bytes, but since this one does not yet have the 'Borg' Trait, it makes the sound byte make less sense. The episode where this character card was created was that she was indeed still 'Borg' and this was her avatar in a Borg simulation. Either the 'Borg' trait needs to be added, or the name "Seven" needs to be dropped as well as the sound byte. I think it just makes more sense to add the missing trait.
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