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I am pleased! I now have 10% of my crew immortalized! (16) For me that is a noteworthy accomplishment! :smiley:
At this point I've decided to change my strategy a bit ... make it more refined so to speak. For the time being:

1) No more extended journeys looking for 4 and 5* crew. My roster is full right now and I have no place to put them anyways :) . Work for a while with what I have ... those 'hot-shot' crew will always be there later.

2) Restrict all new cards to "tier" 5 and above. I'm not completely sold on those tier ratings, all too subjective for me and tend to be geared toward 'end-player' usage, but they might be a good general indicator to work with as long as one considers their limitations.

3) Level up and immort' my 'good' 2 and 3* crew ... they've been good to me! Give them a crown of gold laurel leaves and send them to Mt. Olympus! :) Then 'freeze' their dang bums when needed to make room for new crew. LOL!

4) Try to pare the obvious knuckle-dragging losers out of my roster and send them with scorn and chastisement to Gre'thor! It is painful for me when I've dumped a lot of resources into them, but one must move on! (take a look at my spreadsheet to give recommendations if you want ... see links below)

5) If new crew options are not available via the Portal also: then give them a miss and wait till they are! Hard and fast rule! Don't need a roster full of 1/4* and 1/5* crew I can't do anything with except to buy their eventual way into Sto-vo-kor.

6) Resist the temptation to Buy! "Get behind me Fek'lhr!"

So, there It is ...

Remember: it's just a game, not a matter of life and death!

My Captain Idol's
My DataCore page
My Spreadsheet
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