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*BUG* - Behold, then game ends up making a choice for you

Captain QCaptain Q ✭✭✭
edited March 2020 in Engineering Room
I just experienced an interesting bug when I pulled a behold. I switched to the wiki to see some stats before making my choice. When I switched back, the game reloaded, then showed that a choice was made for me. In the past, the game reloaded, goes through the portal behold animation, and shows the same results awaiting selection.

Anyone else have this happen to them as well?
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  • Happened to me on my Galaxy S9 - both in a behold and in choice selection on dilemmas. Seems that despite the action of switching screens, where you pressed on the "other screen" is somehow remembered, and when you return to STT, that press is sent to the app for you. However, you can avoid this (at least on mobile) by first minimizing the game and returning to your main phone screen, then open up the Wiki, get your info, close the wiki, and then return to the game , making sure that you don't touch anything while the game is opening.
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