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Event intro story

Every time i restart the game and go to the 'enter event' button, i'm first greeted with the intro story of the event.
This isn't so bad now, but i sure won't like to see this happening on a skirmish or galaxie event.


  • ShanShan ✭✭✭✭✭
    That is very odd. What platform are you playing on?
    I have not heard of this issue before and I currently do not see other reports but I will keep an eye out.
  • For now i'm only seeing this on my 2 android phones.
    Just checked facebook, that worked fine.
    Unless it's time related, and not game restart related. I'll try facebook again later on.
    But using the same android phone again, i got the intro story again.
  • yep, got it on facebook now too.
    using my phone right after, i didn'g get the story again.
    Time does seem to be a part of it.
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