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The Home For ALL TYPES of Players - Cosmic Knights

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Looking to join a fleet to help give yourself a boost but don't want to commit to strict regulations or requirements? The Cosmic Knights is the fleet for you!

TL;DR: The Cosmic Knights is a place where anyone and everyone can join. It is a place to call home and enjoy the game whichever way you choose to play. Enjoy the benefits of a fleet without committing to any red tape. Join today and give the Cosmic Knights a try.

This fleet is a home for any player who just wants to play the game at their own pace, whether competitive or casual, low level or high, free-to-play or not, beginner or veteran. The Cosmic Knights is the base for building a foundation in the game and playing however you want.

Our starbase is growing at a steady rate, so you can enjoy big bonuses right off the bat when you join. Daily targets are reached and benefits received. No need to worry about your contribution. If you don't want to commit to the fleet and choose to play solo alongside your fellow Cosmic Knights, you are free to do so. The fleet is a home, and you are welcome to enjoy it however you want.

We have a group of dedicated officers always ready to lend a helping hand and give advice or answer questions. We have strong members who rank high in all areas of the game as well as members who are here to play on their own, without worrying about the competitive side of the game. All player types can find a good home in this fleet.

If you are looking to advance in the game and compete hard, you can work together with our strong players and rise to the top.

If you are looking to play casually and pop into the game whenever you are out and about, no problem! No requirements to stay active. Play however you want.

If you just started playing the game and don't know if you will keep playing or not, drop on by. No need to worry about committing to anything. You can look around and see if you would like to stay. If not, thanks for stopping by and giving our fleet a shot.

The Cosmic Knights is not just a fleet. It is a place you can call home.
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