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Be perfect-Join Omega Molecules!! [OM]

 Mindy Mindy ✭✭
edited September 2020 in Fleet Central
We're not hiring-we just wanted to say Hello!

If you're part of our awesome fleet, we've got a fb page with the same name :D come check it out...


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     Mindy Mindy ✭✭
    edited February 2021
    In a rare anomalous way, omega molecules now has two openings one includes squadron leader.

    -mindy [OM]
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    Looks like we’re down a few members—sadly, two friends who had been with me since the beginning (pushing 4 years).

    The only request is that you’re either daily present or event-present. Not necessarily high scores, and as always—personality is valued much higher than ranks.
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    Yeah please join! We’ve got a maxed starbase! Although we can be rather introverted with our interactions, we are really supportive to one another. There are only personal goals and self drive, no other rules than that. If you wanna pay to win go for it! If you wanna be a casual player, then go for that too! It’s kind of a play at your own pace. We pretty relaxed and a cool bunch. All we really ask is that you do the dailies help maintain the starbase bonuses. So come join us today!
    Fleet - Omega Molecules
    lv 94 - 600+ immortalized w/ 572 unique - 15 collections max level - VIP14 - Missing 17 1/4 SR characters.
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    Former members encouraged to re-join.
    We’re a drama free fleet, we have squads that match people’s’ goals. Most squads swap leadership upon request.
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    It really is a great fleet, been there a long time. No issues, very chill and maxed out!
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    Thanks, Number One! Enjoy your RL vacation, btw!
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    Open enrollment in OM currently. A very solid top 40 fleet, all we need is a few high ranking players to push us further.
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    Based on the new ISM currency introduction, Omega Molecules will be a little more selective in the coming days with new member selection.

    If you're looking for a well-established, drama-free fleet and you're nearly a daily player who works hard most events, this is the perfect fleet for you. We do not care what level you are at, we will find the right squad for you to grow.

    Holograms, Internationals, people of color, those on the spectrum or somewhere on the colorful alphabet, strongly encouraged to apply.
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    Bumpety Bump-Bump!
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