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Need Citation Advice (Thread MK II)

IronagedaveIronagedave ✭✭✭✭✭
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Instead of resurrecting my old thread I have also had to change my format of my spreadsheet a little so now I think a fresh thread is in order.
I'm seeking some expert advice and specifically it's around ENG MED this time. Currently I have a number of crew that are pretty much equal in worth to cite up in other skill sets and the list is long so I thought I would focus on this difficult skill set for voyages instead as I am getting ever closer to achieve ten hours on this skill set. Here are my options:

Temporal Prisoner Chakotay - Final star a very strong candidate to immortalise, con Secondary and Tertiary skill so won't provide a huge boost but every little helps in this skill set.
Ba'ul - An upgrade to Chakotay but any upgrade in this rare skill set is significant. Con citing Chakotay first would give more immediate benefit.
Torpedo Surgeon McCoy - Probably the one i'm leaning to the most and may have the best overall point score difference for the voyage skill set of the options I have bar 1 contentious one.
Loken - Poor mans Caretaker and overall stats not great
Caretaker MK II - Probably the best option I have on the table but he could be got through gauntlet so highly contentious however he is still 3 fusions away.
Da Vinci - Old card but still quite solid choice for the skill set,
Mirror Stamets - Similar to Da Vinci but slightly weaker stats if I recall rightly.

Who would you choose or would you wait until a better option comes along?
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    Data1001Data1001 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I'm at a disadvantage as I don't have all the crew you name, so take my feedback as you will, but I can tell you I use Ba'ul all the time on my (usually always 10+ hour) Voyages. Leo still goes on some, as well, and to a much lesser degree, so does Mirror Stamets. Amanda Rogers is another I use with those skills, albeit with ENG as tertiary, and she goes on more Voyages than Ba'ul. Then of course there's folks like Delta Flyer Paris. But I could also use some more strength in this area, myself.

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    RaraRacingRaraRacing ✭✭✭✭✭
    I get a lot of mileage out of Chakotay (immortal) - his bases are decent enough that he might be of use in the upcoming Voyager Mega event? ... I might wait until we get notice of that.

    I probably should have cited up Leo da Vinci ... he's pretty good and I really like his stat balance, he even gets the odd event bonus ... but from 1/5 I'm not doing it anymore, will wait for another 2 stars via beholds first.
    The same goes for Stamets, who does have some event potential, but I'm not keen on his stat balance (see Loken below).

    I have Loken at 2/5 but am not citing until he's at least 3/5. He's okay, but funny enough I always go for someone like Da Vinci over him, even though Loken's 2/5 and Da Vinci is 1/5 ... as witnessed by my post for a MED/ENG voyage in Ray's 10 hr voyages thread.

    Don't own McCoy or Ba'ul ... not sure I'd cite Ba'ul with a 4/5 Chakotay, even though Ba'ul is better in every aspect for voyages ... 4 citations is a lot.
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    Dirk GundersonDirk Gunderson ✭✭✭✭✭
    I have all of these except for Stamets and all of them immortal except for Chakotay. Here’s what I would recommend:

    1) McCoy. The reasons are obvious.

    2A) Ba’ul. More than anyone else on this list, I find that I send the Ba’ul on a wide variety of voyages. ENG/SEC and ENG/MED are obvious and who doesn’t need a good ENG boost on SEC/MED voyages, of course, but the unique skill set seems to make him ideal filler material on nearly any voyage combo.

    2B) Chakotay. He’s not as strong as Ba’ul but his event utility is likely far superior, given the growing sentiment that Disco events going forward can’t possibly carry such a large load of bonus crew and Ba’ul isn’t a main cast variant.

    3) Leonardo. Surprisingly resistant to power creep, his bases aren’t quite as shiny as they were in the past but he’s highly versatile for voyages with his trait collection.

    4) Stamets. He’s tough to rank for me because I’ve never felt compelled to take him in the handful of beholds he’s appeared in...I just haven’t needed SCI/MED all that much. Still, despite being a poor man’s Leonardo his greater event potential counts for something.

    5) Caretaker #2. I’ve long supported the idea that the Caretaker is alone among the gauntlet special crew in being worth citing and worth duplicating. And if I hadn’t recently immortalized Medic Jett Reno, I might have considered keeping the sixth star I got for the Caretaker a week or two ago...he’s a better voyager than Loken and has more utility elsewhere, although you do have better options than working on a second copy.

    6) Loken. Way back when, I cited him to immortality to bolster my ENG/MED crew in any way possible. And he has been on some good, long voyages since then (with at least one in the last few weeks, despite having the Rabbit, Imprinted Archer, and Amanda Rogers all on staff). That being said: if I had a crystal ball back when I got him, knowing that I would get McCoy and Reno in the future, I would have directed my resources elsewhere. Bonus points are earned because I love (and miss) Ron Glass.
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