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Any Benefit in completing Collections?

Looking at the various Collections in the Cryostasis Vault, it appears that there is no point apart from completism in going beyond the highest Milestone Goal. Is that right or am I missing something?

For example the To Boldly Go collection has 75 total crew but the highest Milestone Goal I see is 25 crew.

Thanks for your advice.


  • As currently constructed, yes, going on beyond the highest threshold for a collection yields no additional benefits. But several collections have been expanded beyond their original size and added additional tiers and rewards, and I would expect that to continue.
  • That make sense.

    Thanks for the quick answer.
  • There might be future benefits, but for some collections just finishing the crew wail give you other benefits, beyond the collection. Depending on the crew, in might free up space bey being able to freeze them, and there is the achievement levels for the number of crew immortalized.
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