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Obsidian Order Section 31(OBS 31) Open Enrolment Starbases level 134

Capt OZZYCapt OZZY ✭✭
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Hello everyone visiting Fleet Central, I just wanted to say that our fleet OBS 31 have been going from strength to strength, we Are a consistent 1% fleet and still Moving forward and that is something that we all take pride in.

We have vacancies enough for you, and we could accommodate a whole squad.

If you want to really want to tread water in a fleet that is going nowhere, by all means do nothing.

However if you want to to be a part of a kickass fleet, go for it!
Perhaps most importantly it’s a wonderful group of people so you can learn, Teach, win, and have a great time!
We welcome you with open arms.

Individual captains are welcome too


  • Capt OZZYCapt OZZY ✭✭
    edited June 2020
    Forgive me we also have a beautiful logo which I will attempt to share. I also should have mentioned we have wonderful captains and officers who are regularly either competitive or champions in the battle arena or in the gauntlet. You may have seen some of our members in the top 10 on a regular basis. We have even finished A fleet best as of yet Number nine in a event. Normally we average 50 or better.Again great chance to join a up and coming fleet!
  • GuinnGuinn ✭✭
  • GuinnGuinn ✭✭
    I'm very proud of our fleet, we just need a few enthusiastic Captains to help us become a top ten fleet on a regular basis.
  • mm1ik5muou5u.png
  • We only have one opening left And are currently ranked 18th in the event we are shooting for 15th or Better.
  • Sorry here it isrcfk1l9xiece.png

  • We have two Openings for new captain’s.If you have any questions please contact me. Live long and prosper :-)
  • We have one opening for a daily player and strong event player. We finished 13th in the previous event.d8bybadfxd9n.png
  • With less than 24 hours to go in the current event we are again showing are improving strength. if you are a top captain looking for a friendly and competitive home you should check us out.
  • Capt OZZYCapt OZZY ✭✭
    edited July 2020
    Let’s try this againnnk3unva6jf8.png
  • We have two spots open currently. We are consistently improving and growing stronger. If you are strong in events And a daily player You should check us out. We finished 15th and the last event however I have a feeling next week will be even better.
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