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Use of in-game apostrophes vs single quotes - a case for consistency

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WRG tends to mix up the apostrophe types used in game. There's a subtle difference, but there can be two types of apostrophes that WRG uses in item names.

There is the "Right Single Quotation" mark, which is a (U+2019) unicode character, vs a regular apostrophe (U+0027).

The apostrophe is what you find on your everyday keyboards, usually right next to your Enter/Return button. However, the single quotation mark is what often comes from apps like Microsoft Word, which WRG/DB often copies data from directly into the game.
  • ‹'› - This is the apostrophe (U+0027) found on your keyboards, at least in the US
  • ‹’›- Thjs is the single quotation mark (U+2019) - notice the curly tail.

You notice this in game


For consistency's sake, should this be run by whomever is inputing item names into the game, to make sure the same apostrophe is used every time? - This does not need to be retroactive, as that would break a great many things, but going forward, it would be greatly appreciated if use was consistent

Right now, this is a headache when it concerns the wiki. The CrewCost page relies on data being entered correctly on the wiki and the apostrophe is an easy thing to miss. I've had to delete several item pages and recreate them so the CrewCost page does not render those items as "incomplete".

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  • Prime LorcaPrime Lorca ✭✭✭✭✭
    I've seen a post like this before. Possibly from you. I completely agree that it would eliminate a pain point if they were consistent.
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    When I had a job that briefly entailed overseeing a couple of folks doing data entry which would appear on television, I found it necessary to come up with a little program where they'd have to type their entries manually, and you couldn't paste anything into the field. The field was also set up so that it would only accept particular standard versions of characters, and others wouldn't be allowed, even with a keystroke combo like ALT+0151 or something. (And although this isn't germane to the topic at hand, you also couldn't type anything beyond a certain character limit, so anyone could see in real time if what they'd written would fit into the space required.) Had to be done, because some formatting (text) had been slipping through that didn't display properly. Certainly something similar could be done with a game. It was a rather easy solution.

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  • At least they used correct grammar.
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