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New Fleet: NX 359

Whilst on shore leave from my current fleet, I've made a new fleet for captains between level 30-40 who play regularly. Founded on 8/11/17 my intention is to recruit two squadrons of captains. If you play often, score between 7000-13000 in events and like to chat regularly then I invite you to apply and play with people around your calibre.

There are officer and squadron positions available for aspiring captains who want to explore different aspects of STT. I also invite newer captains to apply, more than welcome to share any knowledge I've learned for new people to take advantage of.

As it's a day old at the time of posting it's good to take into account that the star base isn't going to have any bells and whistles, but will pick up once we're two-three squadrons full.

359 Squadron has the benefit of a squad leader with 22 5* crew and 50 4* crew for crew share in any upcoming events.

If this appeals to you then PM me here or add me as a friend in game! (DBID: 839434009210880)
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