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Couple of weeks ago I wanted Gary 7 from a poral with 2 other reasonable legendary crew. After about 10 tries got my last star for Amanda. Which Im fine with but still wanted Gary 7. I didnt try any more pulls after that. This week wanted Troi but got my 2nd star for Killy. That also took about 10 tries. Today want Juliana Tainer but not even going to try since I dont want either of the other 2 legendary crew that are in packs
If the odds are so poor I might as well not bother buying any more packs


  • Captain Spot,
    The other 2 in the pack with Juliana Tainer are not legendarys they are Super Rare. Which means for each attempt you are guaranteed 1 crew. the change of the legendary is 1 in 10 for each pack. and that 1 in 10 is not cumulative.
  • Check again. Both Kai Opaka and Tora Ziyal are both Legendary crew.
  • I did, but the pack includes 3 supper rare and gives a drop of a legendary of 1.27%. The only packs that guarantee a legendary are the 6500 dilithium packs
  • I also wanted Tainer this week, as I already have her 2/5. Instead I got a first star for Ziyal and Opaka.

    Having had all sorts of disappointments and feels with portal packs going back all the way to "worst chance of" packs, the best advice I can offer is-- if you're fine to spend all the dil you have to chase (not necessarily get) a crew, then do so eyes open and have no expectations. Otherwise you're setting yourself up for emotional states that are not conducive to deriving enjoyment from the game.

    The other side of this is, sometimes you spend a metric f-ton of dil and get a card you want that's not in the general portal. You cite that card up with honor. And then DB/TP gift the card to the player base a couple months later. Yay for the playerbase but boo for the rapid devaluation.

    Should drop odds be better? Probably. But we have the drop rates that we have because players have continued to spend for those drop rates. Players value things incredibly differently in this game, and that's obvious just amongst the small minority that ever interact with the forum, chat, or other social platforms. Despite that, things have improved, if only in rare intervals and minuscule amounts.

    All this is to say, it's a casino and the house always wins. You can still get guilt free dopamine hits, but you're facing disappointment more often than not. The key is to manage your personal expectations and reactions. Sometimes that means not buying packs and/or offers for a while, and that's probably a reasonable, healthy reaction.
  • Dirk GundersonDirk Gunderson ✭✭✭✭✭
    Managing expectations - fantastic advice. To add to that, I would recommend having a particular number of pack purchases in mind before you start. Whether that’s a single number or you add a condition based on who drops (“I’ll buy three but will take a fourth if a legendary drops” or something similar), don’t fall into the Gambler’s Fallacy and spend more than you intend or can afford.

    I’ll also recommend event packs and event-style packs where there is only one featured legendary (rarely there are two) with a significantly higher drop rate. You’ll still want to plan ahead and manage expectations for what you will receive, of course, but you may find that these are much less frustrating than Tuesday-style packs where the drop rate is abysmal.
  • Team ZeroTeam Zero ✭✭✭
    Also wanted Tainer, 3 goes, 3 Sevens, add a cite (honor) and a Doc I had lying around, 4 gold cites (had 3 in the bank) and I baked a Cheesecake!
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