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Our Fleet - Franks N Beans - is recruiting... and looking for Warren's baseball

FNB had 50 members but a lot were inactive for a long time, and some were just freeloading so we helped them inspect the airlock.

Don't want to chat all the time, or check in if you are going to be offline? Don't need additional pressure from playing a game? Then FNB may be for you.
What are we looking for:
-We are looking for daily players. If you're gone for 2 weeks, we may invite you to check out the airlock for tribbles.
-Level: would prefer experienced players 30+, but open to consider anyone with a sense of humor - we were all new once, so hit us up.
Expectations of members:
-Participate in events, maybe join or start your own squadron
-Play daily and contribute to the starbase and daily goals
-Have fun and share a laugh.
-Found out something cool? Share with the fleet! Learn from others!

Join the FNB - citizenship is guaranteed! No. No it's not. That was a blatant fib. But we would like to increase our ranks so we can have one more airlock party.


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    You should prioritize with Fun, airlocking doesn't sound fun. Just an opinion.
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