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Steam Version Nearly Unplayable

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A little over a week ago I was having no problems with STT on Steam on my Windows 8.1 PC, but for the past week it has been mostly unplayable. It frequently gets stuck on "Hailing Starfleet" for almost every little thing, the pictures take a long time to load, the voyages, shuttles, fleet, cadet missions get stuck and I have to close the app, and sometimes the game outright crashes, etc. I also frequently get errors about no connection to the internet or problems with the remote server. The game is simply too unreliable and slow, when before, I had minimal problems.

I contacted support and all they recommended was that I use a different platform. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game multiple times to no avail, although the game did seem to run better briefly before the symptoms returned. I had hope after clearing the game from the registry because the game was running as smoothly as it used to and was like a fresh start, but this only lasted until the next day when the problems returned. I even uninstalled and reinstalled Steam, but alas, that too was to no avail. I had been playing the game on Steam for the past month with no problems. However, the day prior to these newfound problems, I ran a program called CCleaner to clean up my computer, which I use from time to time. Perhaps this may have altered something.

Does anyone else have these problems on Steam and potentially a real solution? The game works fine on my phone, but I liked playing it on the computer for the larger and more detailed artwork.

[Edit]: Just after posting this, I thought of using System Restore and the game is working great right now...at least for now.

[Edit #2]: It is the next day and the game seems to be working great now. This thread can be deleted if necessary.
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    ShanShan ✭✭✭✭✭
    I am glad you found a solution.

    Thank you for adding the details, it might help fellow players :)
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