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Sto'Vo'Kor Lost skirmish event: Duras Sisters Not Auto Engaging - Is this a bug or a feature?

I don't recall this being an issue before, but I could be wrong about that, for the auto and rapid skirmish feature is still a relatively recent change that's only been implemented for the past few skirmish events. My issue is that the Duras Sisters aren't automatically engaging in combat for me when "Auto" is selected. All my other characters seem to engage automatically when Auto is turned on, but I need to manually select their avatar to make them engage in combat. Their avatar illuminates, indicating they've initialized and are ready to be used, but they're just not Auto-engaging the way my other characters do. Maybe this a deliberate change, and I just missed the memo, or maybe it's a bug. I dunno?



  • Sky Cap 18Sky Cap 18 ✭✭✭
    They aren't triggering yet because their only active ability is the +attack, and you already have a +attack crew going (Qunior). Once Qunior's cooldown starts, the Durases should fire.

    If they had a bonus ability (e.g. instant damage, +% to attack speed, etc.), that would override the rule above. This is how people in arena have multiple Killys or Garths going at once.
  • Ah, okay. Thanks for the explanation.
    The reason I wasn't seeing the Duras sisters attack when set to "Auto" was because the battles were wrapping up usually before Q Junior's cool down started. Maybe I should use a different character for the spot currently occupied by the Duras Sisters? Alternatively, keep activating them manually to wrap the battle up a few milliseconds sooner.
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