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Feds R Us - Top 20 Fleet Recruiting

edited August 2020 in Fleet Central
Join Feds R Us. We fence w/ The Great Barclay, shot The Rapids with O’Brien, and paint Seven of Nines “Hands.” Fun, adventure and ... await you in Feds.

FEDS is recruiting 5 new fleet mates and /or one pre-formed squadron. VIP 3 plus (preferred for Warp 10 in Galaxy & Skirmish events), Level 30 plus Captains for an Event and Daily active fleet. 80 Daily minimum for all players.

We host a Lvl 134 Starbase and we rank Top 20 in events. Join today and help us get to the next level and we’ll help you as well.

Facebook users appreciated. Discord Server set up. Hints, Tips, Strategies and more await you to help improve your gameplay and event rankings.

If interested PM me @ DBID 893254450909184.
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