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Datacore - Github help

D@MND@MN ✭✭✭
Hi, we're moving to the next phase of the Datacore 2 project "The Wrath of Core"

We will be using https://opencollective.com/ to collect and manage the funding for our project.
This will allow us to take paypal or other methods of contribution and make sure they are tracked in a transparent manner.
To get enabled on this service we need something from you. We need to have over 100 Github stars to verify we're a valid development.

If you have a github account, please go to https://github.com/stt-datacore/cpp-image-analysis and star it in the top right had corner, this will let us go another step to funding and rolling out the next version of datacore.

If you're a TypeScript or C++ Developer and want to contribute to the project, please take a look around and ping us to join, you'll see various repos and bugs logged.


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