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Who should be my next Citation project

Well...like the title says...
I'm wondering who to cite and at the moment i think Braxton would be the obvious choice, BUT...what about the second copy of Burnham or FFing Activated Dahj?

Here is a short overview of my current crew (not all of the - but the better ones). Green indicates that they are Level 100 and fully equiped. The Xs state the number of stars the currently have.



  • Emperor Borg Drone (SC)Emperor Borg Drone (SC) ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited August 2020
    I agree on Braxton, then I would probably go for Medic Reno, because of her usefulness in voyages. And since Queen Po is already at 4/5* she seems like a good choice too (she's proven very useful for my voyages, but I guess that depends on your roster - mine is minimalist when it comes to immortal legendaries). Mirror Picard is also good for voyages and he will be bonus crew in Picard events.

    I think it also depends on our crew (my weakest skill combination on voyages is ENG/SEC at the moment, so I would consider Delta Flyer Torres, for example) and whether you're more focused on events or voyages. For events, a second copy of Picard&n.1 should be great (and he's a very good voyager too). Same goes for Burnham.

    Reverend Phlox got my CMD/MED voyages to 10 hours, but other than his skill combination he doesn't have too many advantages. But he's already at 4/5*, so it seems like it could be worth it anyway.

    (I can't find Activated Dahj on your list, but if she's already at 4/5* I would definitely consider her too).
  • If this was my crew, I would probably drop the last star on Mirror Picard, Queen Po and Reverend Phlox and then move on to Braxton and Medic Reno. But it kind of depends on your strategy and on how much honor/how many citations you have and you're willing to use.
  • t'filt'fil ✭✭✭
    Never really comment. Came in to check on something else when this caught my eye and made me really think so thanks. As a more junior player I've always finished 4/5's so I agree with Emperor Borg Drone Mirror Picard; Phlox; and Queen Po are really useful on voyages so I would finish first but it's Medic Reno before Braxton for me because of MED/ENG.
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  • Prime LorcaPrime Lorca ✭✭✭✭✭
    What parts of the game do you enjoy the most? Events? Voyages? Something else?

    What holes do you want to fill on your roster? Do you need more main cast for events? Are your SEC/SCI voyages weak? Do you need a little more firepower for skirmishes and arena?

    Regardless, I recommend waiting for the upcoming mega event to be announced. If Braxton winds up having a bonus trait, then this may be the perfect time to cite him up. Or maybe Queen Po gets a bonus and adding that last star is a no-brainer.

    But knowing what you enjoy in the game is the best way to get the most use out of your citations. Glad you at least took that first step to set a plan. That's even more important. :)
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  • I hope you didn't spend any honor on citations before the honor offers started :sweat_smile:
  • I hope you didn't spend any honor on citations before the honor offers started :sweat_smile:

    That's something i don't want to talk about.... "GNAAAAAAAAAA"

    I still had some honor left and i got Krenim Guest Paris out of a behold.

    I will do a few more behold over the next days (but way less than i could have done........ARGH!)

    Thank yo all for your ideas and advice.

    I' started with Braxton (i enjoy voyages the most) and i think Delta Flyer Torres. She is useful at the moment with just one star, but first i'll pause and wait wath the Lord of Beholds is giving me.
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