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About Us:
Name of Fleet: -HEAVY-
Starbase Level: 34
Average Fleet Event Rank: 75
Available Spots: 2

About you:
Must be active. Looking for players to just do their daily part. Current requirement are ALL basic daily missions (6 Cadet Challenges, 10 Arena battles 6 Faction Missions) and 260 starbase donations.
Must do token effort on Events. Minimum 2000 VP (very easy to achieve).
Must download the LINE App for fleet communications.
Must advise Admiral or Officer(s) if you are going to be away for more than 48 hours.
Must like to compete. Games are meant to be fun and competitive.
Not required to spend any money. We have multiple F2P players.
Must love Star Trek.

How to Join:
We have a couple spots avail right now. Please post here or PM me directly with your details and your favorite character.
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