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H3LLHOUND5 is Recruiting (Skirmish Specialists)

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H3LLHOUND5 was conceived as a skirmish specialty fleet. We are the fleet you need to be in if you are a fan of skirmish events.

If you love skirmishes and like the idea of being in a top fleet without the pressure to compete in every event, we are here for you. Maybe you're not a skirmish legend yet but would like to be- we can help you become better, as we've done time and time again for so many of our players.

What we offer:

Level 132 Starbase - Holo Complete
A private website with tons of information about all aspects of the game
Facebook Messenger chat
Facebook group
A great STT experience

As a member of H3LLHOUND5, you will be encouraged to join Facebook chat, but it is not required.

The H3LLHOUND5 continue to improve each skirmish, ranking #3 in a recent event, with a #1 squadron. We will be #1. Will you be with H3LLHOUND5 when it happens? Join us now!

H3LLHOUND5 is a PROUD member of the
D3VIL DOG5 Family of Fleets.



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    Awesome Fleet logo and what a great Fleet family to be a part of!!!
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    Indeed. {DD} Rocks!
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    edited August 2020
    We offer a level 129 Starbase with no holoemitters required. We also have a private website with tools and advice to help you succeed. Currently H3LLHOUND5 has room for 3 captains, level 30 or higher. All fleet members are required to at least clear thresholds in skirmish events or advise an Officer that you won't be able to. All other events are optional. Come check us out.
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