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Voyage stuck on 14hrs and cant choose dilema


I submitted a ticket 8.5hrs ago that my voyage was stuck on 14hrs and that no matter how many times i reload the webpage, it still will not bring up a dilema! I have used 3 voyage re-supplies gettng here!. Please can someone fix this and get back to me as thee is an hour reward which i am missing out on not too mention the chrons,items, credits etc.


  • Hi, It's been over 12hrs since i submitted this ticket and problem and no-one has got back to me. I'm losing out on honour, chrons, supplies, characters etc. Please can someone get back to me with an update or solution, thanks.
  • Phil, They don't work 24 hours a day. I am not sure they even work on the weekends so you might have to wait until monday.
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