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Datacore : The Next Iteration

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Following from the previous post , we now have a further update on the progress of datacore,

The site and bot will transition over to the community build over the next week, this brings a number of new features which may not be immediately visible, but a lot of work has gone into over the last few months.

We have reduced the overheads on the bot and site, with code improvements leading to cost reductions so we will have to ask you guys for less to keep this running.
New recognition has been added for phones and screenshots that would previously not have worked, so if you've had problems in the past, try the new bot!
We have changed hosting temporarily, and will measure the bandwidth required over the next month and decide on the best model for how we will host in future.

We know we will need to pay for the site and bot, and have set up a patreon to do so, this is where ask you guys to consider chipping in, at https://www.patreon.com/Datacore so we will be able to continue development and support new ideas.

This will be used only to help fund community resources.

The DatacoreTeam are : Temporal Agent 7, ChukuwuOsiris, SilentFury, Barkley, T'fil, Zaphod and Zathras, Please let any of us know if you want to join the development effort.

Breaking News:
In addition we are working on a new player tool which should be available in the near future, Stay tuned for updates!


  • =j= Zathras=j= Zathras ✭✭✭
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    Toss a coin to your valuable game resources if you can. :)

    No obligation, of course. I already get the monthly card and this is at least as important.


    I won't spread rumors of mysterious supernatural benefits of contributing, but I won't discourage them either. :smile:
  • Chipped in. Happy to help! :)
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