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Good News Everyone! Datacore has moved.

D@MND@MN ✭✭✭
edited August 2020 in Ready Room
We have successfully transferred the Data Core to the community build and new servers.
This was done transparently to avoid much interruption in the bot or site and you should notice no difference in how it performs.. You will however see a difference in how it recognises beholds and most screenshots that wouldn't have previously worked should now.

Billing is transferred over to the community funded patreon so it's not all on TA7, and the dev work is now split up with a few more people working on it.

We could always use more help, so if you have typescript experience please let us know if you want to help, or go to our github, (https://github.com/stt-datacore) raise an issue if required, or submit a pull request to resolve issues.

Those who have donated, thank you for helping us keep this resource alive: if your name or fleet isn't immediately obvious please ping me on discord or patreon with your game name and DBID so we can add your in game avatar and Fleet info to the donator page.

The DatacoreTeam are : Temporal Agent 7, ChukuwuOsiris, SilentFury, Damn, Barkley, T'fil, Zaphod, SilverRose and Zathras, Please let any of us know if you want to join the development effort.

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