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Impossible offer wall offers on Kindle Fire

There are offers on the Offer Wall on Kindle Fire that can't work. Here's two:
  • Amazon Photo! Upload one photo. The link redirects through the advertiser to the Amazon Photos app on the app store on Kindle, but the app is shown as unavailable because Amazon Photos is a built-in feature on Kindle.
  • State of Survival: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse: Complete Settlement Level 12. The link redirects through the advertiser to the app store on Kindle, but just the landing page, because this game is not available on Kindle at all.
It sure would be nice if the advertised list only contained options that are actually able to be done on the device! Both of these now show as Rewards in Progress,


  • I wonder if Offer Wall works on Kinde/Fire in general...i picked a game from the wall and it directed me to the google store via webbrowser...i can t install via google store on amazon devices, so i went to the amazon app store and installed the game from there. Completed all needed stuff, but in my offer wall it doesn t shiw the progress. Probably because i didn t install from the Google Play Store?
  • I’ve had 2 attempts at competing rewards which I’ve met the advertised criteria be rejected. It’s getting ridiculous
  • Is there going to be any comment or acknowledgement of this issue? Don't you guys *want* us to use the Wall
  • ShanShan ✭✭✭✭✭
    From what I could gather, the OW is indeed primarily intended for Google Play .
    I take it that most offers do not complete at all when done via a kindle device?

    I've let the team know.

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