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A week of Gauntlet Loot

Since there was so much talk of Gauntlet lately, I thought it was time I checked it out. You know, "for science"!
I did a screenshot of every win of loot for an entire week of Gauntlet (not including merits or credits). I purposely finished all over the board to give the loot complete randomness. (Okay, it was actually 8 days since I wanted complete Gauntlets.) Finished 2nd, 7th, 13th, and 52nd.

Some of the loot is obviously from rank rewards, but it may surprise some of you that quite a few of the 3* & 4* items were from win streaks. Notably, the 2* Stem Bolt came up 5 times. That's a strange one that seems to pop up a LOT.

The big question most of you are probably wondering is "how many blue trainers are there".

Here is my breakdown.

won various items 100x –  (Equipment & components) from 0* to 4* for 43.4% of all loot claimed

won chrons 47x – total of 1460 chrons. This made up approximately 20% of all loot claimed
won 39 Blue Trainers for a total of approximately 17% of all loot claimed
won 8 Purple Trainers for a total of approximately 3.4% of all loot claimed
won 4 Gold Trainers for a total of approximately 1.7% of all loot claimed

Won a Burnam and a Guinan for 0.8% of the loot

Portals: (Approximately 13% of loot)
Single Basic Pulls = won 16x for 60 pulls
10x Basic Pulls = won 7x for 13 pulls
Single Premium Pulls = won 7x at 13 pulls (Resulting in 11x 3* crew, 1x Schematic, and 1 Begold)

This is pretty typical for my Gauntlets. If this is an accurate average of my "normal" loot pulls, then I can live with more chrons than blue trainers!

I may do this again, just to see what variants there might be.

screenshot thumbnails:
I want to become a Dilionaire...


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    Great post. I know its only a weeks worth of datat, but it's some serious data gathering with screenshots and all. Congrats on getting 2 cards. I haven't had one drop in ages. Would be interesting to see what another weeks worth of loot would like. I would imagine the biggest difference would probably be the lack of cards.
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    Automaton_2000Automaton_2000 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I will withhold my RNG whine and say thank you for collecting some numbers. The chron amount surprised me in a good way. I've always wanted to see a percentage breakdown of my honor and chron sources, but ain't got time for tracking that. That image dump is...stimulating. (P.S. when are we getting a mega campaign so we can collect 4x at once? :P)
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