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these event/temp achievements bugs

this week several bugs have been affecting both the event and the temporary achievements.
-Android users not being able to log in or getting thrown out for 2days, including wait time for Google play to approve solution update.
-steam users not being able to log in.
-arena temporary achievements not registering correct.

Official communication about these bugs has been vague and nothing is said on how they effect each other.

for instance:
people who could not log in for 2days will not be able to get the 'free' temporary achievements.

if you invested in getting rank in event but then cannot get in game for such a long period, you will not rank. will there be compensation for those wasted shuttle tokens, boosts, especially ifa pack was bought.

stt is an old and complex game and these bugs will happen. we are all human. but good, consistent communication on forum and in game is how you ensure your users that they will be treated fairly.
at the moment people feel forced to buy extra dilitium or arena tokens to get the temporary achievement because they do not know how they will be compensated and feel forced to spend the smaller amount of extra dilitium to get the 400 promised.

all this could have easily be prevented by creating An in game message and forum topic ensuring us that.

Achievements will be checked based on #battle tickets spend. (I think this was stated somewhere)


timely, ie a few days before end extending the period in which these achievements can me done with the period between the bug and actual release to users of update solving it.

On how to compensate for loss of resources and not being able to qualify in 1500 place I am not sure, although it would not be unreasonable if the ranked Legendary would be given to lower ranks as well (maybe all who. met treshhold).
the bugs basicly halved the time available for the event for many.
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