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Obsidian order section 31 Open enrollment.Completed star base, Strong event Performer,Limited spaces

Hello everyone visiting Fleet Central, I just wanted to give A few highly motivated captains a chance to join our fleet full of wonderful and competitive people from all over the world. We have shown consistent strength and growth and continue to improve. If you are Not happy where you are now then give our wonderful culture a chance, you have nothing to lose. We have had event finishes in the top 10 which we are very proud of, also many in the teens. We know we’re capable of repeating these finishes With your help or even doing better. Our average finish is probably somewhere around 25 to 35 for the year. Again with a few more motivated Captains we hope to hit a goal of being a consistently top 10 to 15 fleet Each week by early next year.

There are many Great fleets but OBS 31 is special for a few reasons. We have a amazing line chat that has some of the best and most knowledgeable officers in the game. Even the most experienced captains will learn a great deal and improve. Also we have a wonderful time and don’t just post star trek Timelines tips,but family pets, hilarious science-fiction Memes And Other fun features that will brighten Your day.

We offer the best of both worlds in my view. The competition and skill you crave and the culture of some of the most wonderful people in the game. Thank you for your consideration and feel free to post any questions. Cheers


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    We just had a opening for a captain level 50+ who is aggressive in events. We have a minimum standard of 10,000 or better finish however we would really like someone who can consistently do 5000 or better. I will attempt to post our finish from the last event.If it doesn’t show it is a finish at 15. With a couple more motivated captains I think we can be a 15 or better fleet consistently. We have broken the top 10 more than once but that is not currently our normal average finish. However it does show what we’re capable of in the future. I believe it can be achieved by early next year so if you’re highly motivated and want to be in a premium fleet Don’t let this opening go to waste!uq6al51hjp4z.jpeg
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