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36 hour voyage with a dash of karma

Having amassed a large pile of voyage tokens, and recently managed to complete Champion of the People in an 8 hour voyage, I was ready to shoot for 36 and pick up Colonel Worf and Dr. Leonard McCoy, my only missing voyage crew.

I hadn't intended on this voyage being my attempt, as I figured I was a few tokens short. But otherwise things lined up well. If I ran out of tokens, I could always turn around after getting those two crew.

Now that the foreshadowing is behind me . . . my 36th dilemma? Champion of the People part 3. While I did end up with Worf and McCoy, boy did I pay through the nose for those last three revives. And dilithium crystals are sharp.

Some highlights:

A Higher Duty didn't begin until 2d 10h, although it completed eight hours later.

I only FFed three crew, although Platonian Kirk did complete my Inspiring collection, so that's pretty lucky! What did you say about Boreth Pike? Actually, I don't want to know.

Toss in a second star on Solbor and that was it. No new purples, other than the two voyage crew, although there aren't too many I'm missing that are in the portal.

Clown voyage bugged out despite debating the vedek, so I missed him. I've already FFed him so it wasn't worth bothering CS with a ticket.

18/260 SEC skill checks passed
10/288 MED skill checks passed
126/1028 ENG skill checks passed
20/266 DIP skill checks passed
79/694 CMD skill checks passed
5/276 SCI skill checks passed


In the end I should have bit a bit more patient and gone when I new I had what I needed. But I'm not disappointed.
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