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H3LLHOUND5 (Skirmish Fleet) is Recruiting

edited December 2020 in Fleet Central
How did you do in the last skirmish event? If you didn't do as well as you would have liked, we have good news. We are a skirmish specialty fleet. Whether you are a master skirmisher or you need help to become one, we're the fleet for you.

With a maxed Starbase, a well designed private website (also available in German) and a knowledgeable and helpful group of officers and crew, you'll experience the best STT has to offer.

H3LLHOUND5 has several top 100 solo players, and a few top 10 players. In the recent event, Sha Ka Ri, we ranked #2. Three players finished in the top 10, and we also had a #1 and #4 squadron.

H3LLHOUND5 requires a minimum captain level of 50 and requires thresholds to be cleared on each skirmish event.

H3LLHOUND5 is a proud member of the
D3VIL DOG5 Family of Fleets.

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