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In Fleet or In Squad Trades

ST_DreadnoughtST_Dreadnought ✭✭✭
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Hi TP, I know this has been suggested in the past with DB but I'll ask again. Could you please add when clicking on your squad members Avatar or better yet your Fleet members Avatar an extra Trade option.

So we can swap a 1/5* for a 1/5* or a 2/5* for a 2/5*, 1/4* for a 1/4* etc......

It would help members develop newer members crew and development to keep them engaged in the game. I don't know the coding issue but the goodwill this would generate from players would be well worth the investment.

My Fleet mate Carini suggests calling it the 'Orion Slave Market' another suggestion is 'The Exchange'


  • ST_Dreadnought, The question I would pose is why would TP reduce their revenue by allowing trades, even within fleets or squadrons. There are plenty of people with multiple accounts and they could be in the same fleet or squadron. And that could lead to all sorts for abuse. Would I love to see it yes, but in Reality there is a fiscal and potential abuse issue that will keep it from happening.
  • ShadowPresenceShadowPresence ✭✭✭✭
    edited November 2020
    I was thinking about this same thing yesterday. And yes, I came to the same thought of abuse among players. But a softening effect to the abuse could be a timer added. If you trade a crew to someone else, you cant trade again until the timer runs out. You could have 5 tiers based on the rarity of the crew you traded. But I was imagining that a Legendary might require a week before you could trade another. People with multiple accounts would still have to invest a lot of time to get what they want. But I like the idea of keeping it within your fleet because high end players wont fill their fleet up with dummy accounts.
  • Shadowpresence, don't be so sure that someone would not create a closed fleet and have only multiple of their accounts their, or some unscrupulous admiral might close their fleet kick everyone and add only their extra accounts. I only have one account, and don't have time for multiples.
  • Carini [ST]Carini [ST] ✭✭
    edited November 2020
    A simple token, Issued monthly via basic campaign track.

    Issue the token around the 80 level to limit inactive alts from getting one, and perhaps a second in premium.

    limiting you to one trade per token would solve the abuse concern. They could easily throttle the amount of tokens issued to be sure not to break the game, and could simply stop issuing tokens at any point as well.

    In the end it will help address the piles of 1/5s that I am sure we all have........

  • Carini, it does not counter the revenue loss from trading.
  • SoupKitchen RikerSoupKitchen Riker ✭✭✭✭✭
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    No, not feeling it. Now if TP implemented a "Quark's Black Market" where you could try to earn a different card at the cost of your current card (or some other devised system), I'd like that. Allowing trading between players limits a stream of revenue for TP and opens up a host of concerns related to potentially unethical choices within fleets/squads.

    And, I feel in a card collecting game, your experience should be like that of Captain Ahab following Moby Dick to the ends of the Earth with an almost zealot like intensity. :D Will that card be mine, or will it slip from my grasp yet again as it taunts me?!?!?! The end is never as good as the stories in getting there... ;) Let the tales be told and honor bestowed!
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  • I agree with you SoupKitchen Riker
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