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The United Federation of Pragmatists - We're Recruiting! (MAX LEVEL STARBASE!)

THE UNITED FEDERATION OF PRAGMATISTS ("UFP") has a couple of coveted openings. We are looking for a few active players to join our ranks. We are a casual but competitive fleet and several of us end up in the top 1K in event rankings. We usually place among the top 40 Fleets and definitely have fun along the way.

We are looking for active daily players to join our Fleet. While our Starbase is at MAX LEVEL, we strongly encourage daily Starbase component contributions as they benefit newer players and captains at lower levels. While we are on Discord to we don't require members to be social. We are, after all, pragmatic about the game! If you are so inclined however, you can feel free to socialize and chat on our fleet Discord server. Here we discuss gameplay tips, organize squads, and discuss a variety of Star Trek and Timelines topics. For the more competitive players who like to shuffle squads, the best place to organize is on our Discord server due to the unreliability of the in-game chat. If so inclined, you can also pull up a chair (Riker-style!) and join the chat in our “Ten Forward Lounge” where we tend to be a little more social.

We are a very proud Fleet! We have players from around the world, are very friendly, and drama-free! If interested, please PM your in-game name and we'll go from there. Thanks!


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