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Add (Buy-Special) Pop-Ups

I understand the need to display specials for revenue, but now this:


5 of them is abit much don't you think (I know, don't log out haha), but seriously, can we get a "DISCARD" button for these ads? I've seen less pop-ups on, well, nm..... :oo:)
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    And if you don't scroll through all of them the first time around the pop-up will open while you're in the middle of claiming shuttles creating a double image screen error.
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    I also want the Pegasus or Grissom.
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  • 5 of them is abit much don't you think (I know, don't log out haha),

    I wish it happened only when I log out (I never log out). It happens nearly every time I look to another app for just a second and then reopen Timelines (it likes to restart every time I open my podcast app to listen to while I play).

    Could be my phone (when I do a complete restart, the problem goes away for a while)— but it usually only happens with Timelines. Everything else opens up fine unless I haven’t opened the app in a day or so.

    And the extra time to click past the pop ups is a few seconds, but they add up (I am sure I open Timelines 2-3 dozen times a day).
  • It would be nice to discard offers such as these or even DYC offers you don’t want, instead of having to wait for the timer to count down.
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  • I would like as part of the buy option to be able to select the number of times you want the option.
    Like the 1200 chron offer in an event, you can purchase it 5 times, if you want it 5 times you should just be able to do one transaction to purchase all 5, not having to do 5 separate transactions
  • I like Dwayne's idea.
  • It would be nice, but would apple or google go for it?
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