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Anyone else stuck at "communicating with Starfleet"?

Starting up the game now is stuck at said message, both on Samsung A7 and laptop Win10 app.
Just before this, the game got really sluggish when sending/receiving data.
Anyone else having trouble playing the game or is it just me?


  • Seems it's only me, changing the network solved the problem (even though every other application showed no network issues, weird.....)
  • Experiencing the same issue on Android.
  • My a10 slow starting up today as well. Thought it was mini game but its still not showing
  • DragenDragen ✭✭✭
    Same here. Both Windows and Android app.
  • Yes same. Am playing on lapptop with windows 10.

    First time I tried to log in it was just communicating with starfleet for 10minutes soI clsoed it down and then reopened and got in but was slow, managed to read the in game mail messages but then it froze so had to close again
  • I've had this issue from time to time for a week or two now. Everything else works fine, but Timelines is incredibly slow at loading (up to 20 minutes) both on Android and on Facebook. If the game opens it's slow and it often freezes on voyage dilemmas or gauntlet rounds.
    This seems to happen randomly and I wanted to contact CS about it, but it's been working normally again for a few days now.
  • Im going to have to keep an eye on getting near end of voyages if my phone has gone to sleep. It took a lot longer today to gt back into the game, so no leaving to the last 100 or so fuel.
  • GD2JGD2J ✭✭
    edited December 2020
    Happening this morning for me on an iPhone 12 pro max running on iOS 14.2.1, and was stuck on the loading screen.

    But after spending 5 minutes to come here and post about it, it let me in finally. Weird.
  • Tonight on Android, ios and steam its been quite slow.
  • Cranky (SC) Cranky (SC) ✭✭✭✭✭
    I’m having issues too. iOS 14.2.1, UK based.
    Haven’t been able to get in on WiFi since this morning, cellular works though. Smells like an internet routing issue.
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