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ISS Yamato needs 2 new captains

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ISS Yamato, the top performing fleet of 2019, is in need of 2 captains who are daily players. We play for fun but try to make thresholds every week. This regularly come in the Top 5 in 2020.

We help each other with strategy and suggestions on how to do well, both in game chat as well as an optional Discord. If you don't like to chat, not a problem, we are chill either way.

Join us to let us rise to the top.

We have Level requirement of 40 but are flexible.

Respond to this post to get in touch.


Because of a name change we still show up as Battleship Yamato on the leaderboards. Below is a snapshot during a recent event. Help us do even better.



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    edited November 2020
    Nostalgia, I remember Battleship Yamato back in 2019, I was admiral and it was one of the top couple of fleets. I remember that level 134 starbase back when it was a level zero starbase, lots of dropping 700 every day. Lots of recruiting many players that are still there today. Memories

    ÷ is the USS Kelvin approaching

    “You must understand that there is more than one path to the top of the mountain”
    ― Musashi, Japan's Greatest Swordsman and Samurai
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    Are you still looking for captains? I'm level 94.
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    First time posting on here. My name is Hokvindr from Timeline Rarities. I'm level 94. Participation has slackened recently across the fleet.
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