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Shan's PSA: I will be unavailable from 08/13 until 08/22 included.

•• Be kind to each other and to all WRG Staff :) ••

While regular communications will happen in my absence please understand there might be delays.

For an issue in game please submit a ticket to support and, if you feel it is needed, post in the relevant category (Engineering Room) Thank you, take care of each other, and see you soon! ˜Shan <3

Temporary achievement resolution, upcoming downtime, and forced upgrade.

Greetings, Captains!

We have a lot to cover today so let’s get right to it.

Elusive Treasures Temporary Achievement
The temporary achievement ended one day earlier than it should have. Our apologies for this inconvenience.

To correct this issue we’ll be looking at which players participated in the achievement but were not able to complete/claim it. Those players will then be granted the reward, and will be able to claim it in the Time Portal. We’ll let you know once this work is completed.

As a result Elusive Treasures will be available in the Time Portal until Thursday, December 3 around noon ET (17:00 UTC).

Scheduled Downtime December 3
This Thursday December 3, at 7 am ET (12:00 UTC), the game will be offline for approximately one hour for some infrastructure maintenance.

Forced Upgrade to 7.6.3
The latest version of the game will soon be required to play the game, please update if you have not already done so. We’ll let you know the exact date soon.

Thank you for playing,

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