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OBS 31 open enrollment for level 40+, Completed Starbase, and a wonderful playing Environment

Obsidian Order Section 31 is looking for a few new captains. You could be a veteran player who kills every event, or someone who just hit level 40 and would like to be a player like that someday. We can offer The best gaming advice in a Friendly fun atmosphere.We have captains that are champions in the arena, The gauntlet, and have very impressive event finishes. On our LINE Chat you can talk about your favorite Star Trek show Or look at cute dog pictures when learning new tips and tricks in a fun Environment.

We just ask new captains to be regular players and to be able to shoot for 10,000 or better finishes in events. If you’ve just hit level 40 or our a newer Player we can make exceptions. If you’re not sure Perhaps give it a shot, it is open enrollment and if you don’t Feel at home there’s no hard feelings :-) cheers
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