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Neue Crew: Laneth 4*

Fähigkeiten (Level 100, komplett fusioniert und ausgerüstet):
ING 656 (89 - 194), SIC 878 (114 - 243)

Fähigkeiten (Level 100, komplett ausgerüstet):
ING 439 (89 - 194), SIC 647 (114 - 243)

Merkmale: Klingone, Saboteur, Schurke, Krieger, Mensch, Technisiert



  • TGE is one of the oldest and most accomplished fleets in Star Trek Timelines and has a friendly and active chat community. We are competitive, but we also recognize that real life comes first. We don’t care what your VIP is (we’ve got the full spectrum) or how much you spend as long as you play daily and are looking to grow and progress.

    In addition to our fun full-service chat, we also offer a stat bot with tons of features, a maxed starbase, and lots more.

    Requirements: • A sense of humor • Join our Discord server • Minimum of three shuttles • Captain level 40 • Desire to enjoy STT in a fun environment with fun and funny folks from around the world.
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