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Broken LTO gives 300 Dilithum instead of the 3,000 specified

Today's (12/11/20) Limited Time Offer isn't giving the 3,000 dilithium specified in the offer. Instead, it is giving 300 per purchase. I've ticketed CS, but wanted to get the info out there.


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    The only offer with dilithium is the one for crew that say you get 1000 dilithium.
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    Seems like a rookie mistake. Beg and they might give u your money back.
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    10000 would give me pause but probably not even then.
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    Maybe the OP could clarify for us. Was this just a misinterpretation of an LTO, or was there another LTO offering that amount of dilithium?
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    Banjo1012Banjo1012 ✭✭✭✭✭
    AviTrek wrote: »
    The bigger question needs to be asked why is there so little honor in those deals? 3,000 honor does not go very far.

    An even better question, why does a $10 offer provide 3k honor, when the 10 packs for $10 yields more honor just airlocking every card and gives you the chance of getting a new card you need too.

    Those deals are for chron use events. They are a little something extra for the people who would buy the 1250 chrons for $10 deals out of the portal.

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